How much do the Sacred Mists Programs cost?

For most courses, there is a one time enrollment fee of $30.00 and a $25.00 monthly tuition. Some courses carry a different tuition structure and cost, so we recommend viewing the course details for complete information. Tuition subscriptions are maintained on a month-to-month subscription basis and are processed by PayPal through an automatic subscription payment plan.

There are no hidden fees. Your tuition helps to support the Academy in providing seekers with a rich educational experience found within Sacred Mists. We’re confident that you’ll not find the same quality, interaction and atmosphere anywhere else, regardless of cost!

Can I take these courses if I’m not in the United States?

Yes! All of Sacred Mists Academy’s courses are available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Sacred Mists is home to students from every corner of the globe.

How do I pay tuition if I’m not in the US?

We utilize PayPal’s subscription service to process payments. PayPal is extremely convenient and will do all currency conversion for you should you be located outside of the United States, as tuitions to Sacred Mists must be submitted in US funds.

In circumstances where PayPal will not work for you, most banks or postal services will issue an International Money Order upon request, and we can also work directly with you to establish credit card payments, however these payments will require semi-annual submissions rather than monthly payments. Please contact us for enrollment and payment information if you are interested in enrolling and submitting your tuition outside of PayPal.

Do courses have to be completed in a time limit?

There is no time limit to complete courses at Sacred Mists Academy, however we do require that you spend at least one year and one day in training to complete each degree.*

What will I get when I complete a course?

At the end of each degree awarding program, you will receive a beautiful, custom designed, Certificate of Attainment via email from Sacred Mists Academy displaying your name and course achievement. For students of the Wiccan Degree Training Program who wish to initiate and follow the Sacred Mists Tradition will also receive information on crafting their own Sacred Mists WitchesInitiation Cord and adding attainment tassels to their cord as they are earned through the program.

Degree Initiation rituals take place within our online ritual environment, where you will be surrounded by your friends and fellow students. Initiation cord instructions and crafting, as well as initiation participation, is available only to those students who wish to initiate into the Sacred Mists Tradition. Initiation and cording is not a requirement for training within Sacred Mists Academys Wiccan Degree Training Program for your First through Third Degrees.

Why should I take a course with Sacred Mists Academy over one provided elsewhere?

Sacred Mists prides itself on its affordability and in-depth nature. We truly enjoy teaching, sharing and experiencing the Craft with others. Our courses are well thought out, wonderfully written and very comprehensive. You’ll find information and training within our programs that you simply won’t find elsewhere. Our community is wonderful and we interact with each other as a family and world-wide coven. The personal relationships, knowledge and instruction you receive with Sacred Mists is unique and beyond compare. Our community is our own. It is not on Facebook or other public social media platform, which provides us with the unique ability to create a safe and secure place within which every student of Sacred Mists Academy can spread their spiritual wings and soar. We are confident that there is no online offering that is more comprehensive and interactive anywhere else. Additionally, we offer several student “extras”, including Sacred Mists groups and classes within our community, which are inclusive of your tuitions!

Sacred Mists Academy isn’t as large as some of the other schools I’ve seen online. Isn’t bigger, better?

Sacred Mists Academy has no desire to be bigger, we simply strive to offer the best and most comprehensive Wicca, Witchcraft, and magickal education and training programs available anywhere. We are succeeding in this goal, and are continually expanding the programs and offerings we make available to our students. We feel strongly that biggeris not always better in a coven, or really any, learning environment. Sacred Mists is about personal interaction with each and every student and maintaining a safe and warm environment in which to spread your spiritual wings. We want to know you! We would find it impossible to provide the level of personal instruction, training and interaction with our students if we hosted tens of thousands of seekers into our Circle. We run our school so that it provides us the ability to train our students in such a way that it closely mirrors the offline covens personal training environment.

In the case of other schools, biggeralso means that your lesson work is graded via an impersonal, computer generated, online system, always with multiple choice questions and answers and extremely limited depth and testing of your own, unique knowledge. Sacred Mists will never employ this practice. As Wicca and Magick is a fluid process, with no one person knowing all, we feel that it is imperative to have a personal training system that takes into account each and every unique perspective. This is inherent to the core of a true, Mysteries training process. The electronic assessment, multiple-choice, methodology employed by biggerschools removes the ability for your teachers to truly train you on your path and know where you may need additional support, assistance and guidance to perfect your art. Within Sacred Mists, each course assignment that you submit will be assessed thoroughly and personally, and you will be provided unique feedback to your responses as you move forward through the lessons on your journey. There are no electronically generated scores, no mass-produced grades. Ours is an honest, and personal assessment of your path with encouragement to delve deeper, experience more and explore the realms of magick via an online environment that closely mirrors the way true Witchcraft knowledge and training should be passed on and learned.

What sort of events does your community take part in?

Online rituals, degree initiations, study halls and an array of fun get-togethers and events that take place in our chat rooms and groups, as well as the discussions that happen all day long within the overall online community, Sacred Mists Circle.

When is the next semester of courses starting?

Right now! All of our training programs are ongoing, so you may join at any time.

Can I share course materials with my friends or put them on my blog?

It is understood that no part of these courses, associated literature, documents, emails, images, videos, or any other Sacred Mists proprietary information or authored content may be reproduced or shared in any way, shape or form without the express written permission of the founder of Sacred Mists Academy.

Can I enroll if I’m under 18?

Only with the consent of your parent or guardian, for liability reasons.

It is understood that no persons under the age of 18 may enroll in Sacred Mists Academy without the express written permission of their parent/guardian. This permission must be received in writing and verified by Sacred Mists before your enrollment will be processed. Students under the age of 16 may only enroll if accompanied by an adult parent or guardian enrollment. Please contact us for more information and we’ll be happy to help!

Do you accept refunds?

At this time, the Sacred Mists Academy does not accept refund requests. However, if your personal situation has met a change in circumstances, we may be able to accommodate your situation by some other means.

What do I do if I need to cancel a class?

If you need to cancel a class, we can help you! Please feel free to log into your account and reach out to Student Support through the community, email, or phone, or contact us here on our website and we’ll be happy to assist. You may also contact Academy administrators at:

What do I do if I think my login has been hacked?

At Sacred Mists Academy, we will never share your login information with anyone, full stop. If you believe your login information has been compromised, simply contact us using our contact form and we’ll look into it right away.

* Some of the courses within Sacred Mists Academy are only available to Initiates and Practitioners of the Sacred Mists Tradition and may require High Elder examination and acceptance prior to entering. Some advanced courses may require a minimum training time of 2 years.


Each lesson is personally graded and you will receive feedback and guidance from your instructor that is meaningful to your unique journey. There are no canned responses and no mass produced grades. This is a personal journey for you and we foster that every step of the way.

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