Learn the sacred art of healing and wellness.

Specialize in the ancient science of the natural witch.

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Sacred Mists Wicca + Witchcraft Academy

The History of Herbalism

You will learn how herbs were used throughout history and how their study progressed from magick to science.

Sacred Mists Wicca + Witchcraft Academy

Magick & Medicinals

You will learn how to tap into the latent power of familiar and foreign herbal allies for both magickal and healing purposes.

Sacred Mists Wicca + Witchcraft Academy

Plant identification

You will learn how to recognize and assess plants and herbals for healing and magickal purposes using easy to remember strategies.

For over fifteen years, our Herbalist Certification Program has given people around the world the opportunity to engage in the innate healing and energetic powers of our herbal allies. In our all new, completely revised program, we bring you the latest in medicinal and magickal herbalism knowledge to enhance your life and the lives of those around you!

This course is perfect for the home herbalist or professional practitioner who desires to provide herbal advice and healing to their family, friends, or clients. It is also suited to those desiring to craft healing remedies, magickal blends, and wellness products for the mind, body, and soul.

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Sacred Mists Wicca + Witchcraft Academy

Learn Best Practices

You will learn how to safely work with herbs and how to blend them for maximum effect. Many herbs are potent, and we focus on safety.

Sacred Mists Wicca + Witchcraft Academy

Herbal Beauty Secrets

You will learn to use herbs to create holistic and natural beauty products for personal use or for your future clients.

Sacred Mists Wicca + Witchcraft Academy

Growing & Storing Herbs

You will learn the best practices for growing, harvesting, and storing your herbs for future use, with special attention to local herbs.

Our Herbalist program can be completed at your leisure and in the privacy of your own home with a minimum eight months of study and practice. At the completion of your course you will have the knowledge and ability to be a confident home and magickal herbalist who is well prepared to craft any number of herbal blends and home remedies safely and effectively. You will receive a beautiful, custom designed Certificate of Completion from Sacred Mists Academy which is exquisitely suited for framing.

Learn Wicca and Witchcraft. Study the magickal arts and sciences online with Sacred Mists Academy Of Magickal Arts And Sciences.


If you want to increase your knowledge of herbs and your skill in using them to improve you life, wellness, and surroundings, don’t wait! Join us as we explore the incredible world of nature’s herbal allies.

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