Learn the ancient art of cartomancy as you master the art of reading the tarot intuitively

to gain deep, meaningful insights for yourself or for clients as a professional tarot reader.

Throughout history, people have sought to look beyond the understanding of their contemporary world and into the future: to seek out the changes of the world to come, and more specifically, to discern the details of their own destiny. Numerous methods of divination have been discovered over the millennia. The designs of thrown stones and sticks, the shapes of the clouds or insides of animals, psychic revelations, solar and lunar omens, and dreams have all been used to perceive visions of the future. In these instances, everyday objects are imbued with the powers of the analytical subconscious and spiritual connections in order to make clear the hazy details of the cosmos.

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History of Tarot

The best place to start is at the beginning and our course does just that with an introduction to the tarot from its earliest history to the rich and diverse tarot decks, spreads, and interpretation methods we have available today.

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Intuition & Ethics

Learn to connect with your intuition using the archetypal imagery that is found on each and every tarot card. Explore the system of ethics that professional tarot readers adhere to and why they are so important for both the reader and the querant.

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Choosing Your Deck

Learn how to navigate the incredible number of choices on the market today and find the deck that best aligns with your intuitive nature. Once you’ve mastered it, learn how to bring your knowledge and intuitive artistry to other tarot decks that call to you.

Cartomancy is the use of playing cards to understand what has been, what is, and what is yet to come. It is most popularly employed in the modern world in the form of the Tarot: a deck of customarily seventy-eight cards ascribed with traditional imagery. The purpose of this course is to give you a strong foundation in the Tarot: its history, associated ethics, the symbolism connected to the cards, and its intuitive, practical use.

Through the exercises and homework of this course you will sharpen your intuitive skills, learn how to put the cards together, and how to analyze the cards in order to see the story being told therein. At its end, you will have a strong grasp on what the tarot can do: allowing you to understand it intuitively and use it to its fullest potential.

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Major & Minor Arcana

Take a deep dive into the symbolism and meaning of the Major and Minor Arcana as we explore each card in detail. We’ll teach you not only what the common interpretations are but how to intuitively connect with the cards and explore your own interpretations, making your readings accurate and on point, every time.

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Tarot & Magick

On this magical journey, you’ll encounter beautiful gods and godesses, joyous Sabbat celebrations, spell-weaving rites, and principles central to Pagan spirituality. From the suits—represented by air, fire, water, and earth—to the major arcana, we explore tarot using Wiccan themes.

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Oracle Cards & More

Some lessons will go beyond the traditional tarot reading and explore other methods of divination to holistically round out your education in cartomancy and gaining personal insight— for yourself, or for potential clients in the future.

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Our certification course befits the intuitive, knowledgeable tarot reader, the reader wanting to expand their horizons, or who wants to travel the route to professional tarot readings and divinations.

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