Our training will lead you to ordination as a Wiccan High Priest or Priestess.

Train Online With ‘Working Witches’™ Around The World! Join hundreds of like-minded spiritual people on your journey along the path of Wicca and Witchcraft. Make new friends, gain confidence in your practice, and learn more than ever before in a safe and supportive environment where you can spread your wings and soar to attain your highest magickal potential.

The Sacred Mists Tradition is based on British Traditional Witchcraft and Celtic Wicca practiced with an eclectic flair.


150+ Hours of Study

There are over 150 hours of study included in each degree course, including quizzes, exams, reading material, videos, written journal exercises, and other detailed and rigorous coursework.

A True Wiccan Community

Enrollment in Sacred Mists Academy connects you to hundreds of other students within Sacred Mists Circle, the online class and social media platform exclusive to Sacred Mists.

First through Third Degree

Sacred Mists Academy can take you beyond basic instruction with the Second and Third Degree Courses, which advance your instruction and take an additional year an day each to complete. Sacred Mists is proud to assist program students in becoming officially ordained.

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Sacred Mists Wicca + Witchcraft Academy

Personal mentoring

While learning, you will have access to a trained and experienced personal mentor, who will aid you from the moment you begin your journey with us.

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Sacred Mists Wicca + Witchcraft Academy

Spell Writing

We delve into the craft of writing spells. Witchcraft is the art and science of a Witch's ability to bend and shape reality around themselves.

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Sacred Mists Wicca + Witchcraft Academy

Healthy Conversion

Dedicated lessons will assist you in how you can relate to and aid others who do struggle with your faith, while addressing issues like guilt, fear, and misunderstandings.

Wondering who we are and what we’re all about?

What is wonderfully unique about the Sacred Mists Academy is that it allows you to set the pace of your learning experience and provides you with an affordable way to grow within a structured Wiccan learning environment. You will be challenged and we invite those who welcome this challenge to our Wiccan College. We take your education very seriously, and in turn you should be serious about your education and training in the Path of Wicca before considering enrollment and training with the Sacred Mists Academy.

We feel good knowing that we are doing this for the Pagan community, and are confident that our students feel the same way.

At Sacred Mists we believe that education shouldn’t come at an unreasonable cost. So many other colleges out there will charge you large fees to share their knowledge, with little to no community interaction.

While we understand that asking tuition is reasonable, we don’t agree with or endorse programs which are prohibitively priced and only provide mediocre information and interaction (if any), at best.

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Sacred Mists Wicca + Witchcraft Academy

History & Myth

Many lessons will educate students on the histories and mythology which influence Wiccan faith, from Hellenic and Celtic beliefs to modern myths.

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Sacred Mists Wicca + Witchcraft Academy

Magick & Meditation

Your lessons introduce you to meditation, ritual, and magick in a fashion which looks beyond the instruments and methods and instills a sense of purposeful spiritual practice.

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Sacred Mists Wicca + Witchcraft Academy

Ethics & Philosophy

Some lessons delve into the ethics and philosophies of Wiccan practice and faith, working with permission, the Law of Return and learning the Four Prices of Freedom.

Learn Wicca and Witchcraft. Study the magickal arts and sciences online with Sacred Mists Academy Of Magickal Arts And Sciences.

Sacred Mists is a Spiritual Home and we welcome you to make it your own!

This is a very exciting time, filled with many wonderful things and magickal things. It is a time to celebrate and reflect on your accomplishments as you journey the spiritual and magickal journey within Sacred Mists.

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