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The Wiccan Degree Training Program offers a journey of discovery – showing you how to live life magically, spiritually, and wholly attuned with nature using the beautiful and very personal practice of Wicca. From spells and rituals to creating amulets and a Book of Shadows, you’ll learn all you need to start this fantastic journey of self-discovery and deep appreciation of the energy of nature and divinity.

Introduction to Sacred Mists
     Personal Responsibility
     A Magickal Life
     Experiencing Online Rituals

Deity Focuses
In addition to the amazing core of the lessons, each is accompanied by a Deity Focus that is intended to guide you in your personal process of learning about the Gods and Goddess across the various Pantheons and, ultimately, lead you toward establishing a personal relationship with your patron god and goddess should you not already have one.

Lesson One – Introduction to Wicca
Step into the multi-faceted world of Wicca and witchcraft.  In this introduction lesson you will learn the basics of what Wicca is, what a Witch is, Symbols associated with witchcraft, the Thirteen Goals of a witch and all about the Sacred Mists Tradition and Hierarchy.

Lesson Two – A Healthy Conversion to Paganism & Wicca
Questions of guilt, struggle to adapt and your former faith can be addressed and processed with the help of this lesson.  Learn how to deal with transitory guilt, if and when to reveal your faith to others, pagan parenting, and incorporating your faith with those in the ‘mainstream religions’. For those who are joining us who have either grown up with the path or are already acclimated, this lesson will assist you in how you can relate and aid others who do struggle with the transition.

Lesson Three – History of Paganism

Discover some of the roots and history of Paganism from Paleolithic times through the resurgence of paganism and the birth of Wicca.  This is presented in three comprehensive lessons which will touch upon the roots of Paganism through Celtic, Norse, Druidic traditions and much more.

Lesson Four – The Sabbats & The Wheel of the Year
Journey now through the Wheel of the Year to learn of the Greater and Lesser Sabbats and the correspondences of each.

Lesson Five – Esbats & Lunar Magick
Whenever ye have need of anything, once in the month and better it be when the moon is full, then shall ye assemble in some secret place…this is in part the opening of The Charge of the Goddess written by Doreen Valiente. In this lesson you will learn about the Esbats, the phases of the moon and lunar magick.

Lesson Six – Myths
Enter into a world where the myths surround you.  In three fantastic lessons you will learn how to work with mythology, The Charge of the Goddess, The Charge of the God, and visit Creation Myths from various cultures.

Lesson Seven – Wiccan Beliefs & Ethics
Delve into the Ethics of Wiccan practice and faith, working with permission, the Law of Return and learn the Four Prices of Freedom.

Lesson Eight – Philosophy and Theory of Magick
View the wonders of the Craft Theory of the Universe, join reason and magick as we look into the Rationale of multiple principles.  “Magick,” said Cornelius Agrippa, “is the most perfect and chief science, that sacred and sublime kind of philosophy and lastly the most absolute perfection of all most excellent philosophy.”  Go deeper into the theory of magick and in practice as well as discover other magickal practices and traditions from Abramelin, Enochian and many more.

Lesson Nine – Candle Magick
From the flame of a candle breathes will, prayer and blessings.  Candles play a role in almost every religious and spiritual tradition in the world today.  Candle magick engages us in focus, intent and spirit to create and send forth change.

Lesson Ten – Modes of Perception & States of Consciousness
Perception is defined as the act of obtaining knowledge through our senses.  Discover the states of consciousness, working within the mind and the selves for growth and positive change.  Learn how the Scientific Views of the Universe can be applied to your spiritual and magickal practices.

Lesson Eleven – Meditation
Many cultures practice meditation in one form or another.  Meditation relieves stress, creates calm and balance within.  In this lesson you will learn several meditations and meditative techniques as well as learn of the Chakra’s, the connection of breath to Yogic practice and incorporating this into your own spiritual practice.

Lesson Twelve – Spell Writing
This is often the first thing desired to be learned by a new practitioner approaching witchcraft or Wicca. Within this lesson we delve into the craft of writing spells.  Witchcraft is the art and science of a Witch’s ability to bend and shape reality around themselves.  It is the ability to manifest positive change and growth in your life, as well as the lives of others who share our lives and world.  Here is a look into the Ethics of Spell Crafting, when and how to use spells, and finally putting it all together to make it work for you in safe and effective ways.

Lesson Thirteen – Introduction to Ritual
Now that we have looked and discovered the methods of Spell Crafting, we will go deeper into the creation and completion of a Ritual in its entirety.  Learn the eight steps to creating a successful ritual, how to set up your altar and etiquette for both online and offline rituals ensuring that focus is achieved through series planning, the purpose executed, and the rite experienced and shared as it was intended.

Lesson Fourteen – Magickal Tools
Magickal tools are more than just instruments of ritual and spell work.  To many these are considered an extension of the Witch.  Not all Witches will use the same tools and this lesson will explore tools which you may use and come across and  how to consecrate them for implementation into successful magickal use.

Lesson Fifteen – Magickal Record Keeping
As you continue to grow and evolve through your path you will be documenting all of your hard work via journaling your process, your spell work, your rituals, and all areas pertinent to your magickal and spiritual experience within your personal Book of Shadows.  A witch’s book of shadows is a prized possession to the practitioner.  Learn how to organize your book and keep all your magickal information at your fingertips for generations.

Lesson Sixteen – Elements & Elementals
From the beginning of mankind,  the Elements have been an important part of all spirituality and magick.  Discover the detailed correspondences for each element, how to connect to the elements and the Elemental Rulers.

Lesson Seventeen – Familiars, Totems & Power Animals
Mankind has believed in the superhuman qualities of animals, a belief is called animism, since ancient times.  In this lesson you will be guided to connect with your power animal or animals. Explore their unique qualities  and interpret the meanings behind them as you explore spirit guides in animal form.

Lesson Eighteen – Introduction to the Fae
When we were children, we were told stories that often included magickal little beings with wings, that while capricious, were magickal and could grant our wishes and teach us to fly.  Often feared, strangely mysterious and highly respected in Celtic lore and beliefs even today. Step into the world of the Faerie once more and discover that long lost magickal connection.  Learn of the differing types of Faerie, how to reconnect to them, what to watch for when working with Fae, and find your Faerie Guide.

Lesson Nineteen – Divination Techniques
From the dawn of time, man has always thirsted for the knowledge of what the future holds for them.  In this lesson you will explore the ways in which you can use divination tools to guide you in your life and path for virtually any situation.  These tools do not predict the future but are to serve as guidance through life.  They speak of possibilities of what may be or may come.  Seek your possibility within and find answers through your connection with the universal energies and your own intuition.

Lesson Twenty – Living the Path
You have learned and studied many things through the journey you’ve undertaking through the lessons presented. At this point you should be incorporating all you have learned into your life in such a way that your life includes your spirituality so much that it becomes a part of who you are and what you do throughout your day.  Here we will awaken the Inner Goddess and God in each of us as well as continue to learn of your path, living your truth and what it means to be a Dedicant of the Sacred Mists Tradition.

Comprehensive & Practical Final Examination
For your final examination you will revisit many of your lessons of the last year, you will be challenged with practical exercises, and guided to provide feedback of your experiences while living your path.  This is a very exciting time, filled with many wonderful things and magickal things. It is a time to celebrate and reflect on your accomplishments as you journey the spiritual and magickal journey within Sacred Mists.

The curriculum for the 2nd Degree program at Sacred Mists is a balance of academic and practical assignments. The first part of this course will deal with tools and materials that you might use in various operations. The remainder develops skills and personal attributes that you will need in the physical and ethereal realms as you begin to interact with and change your environment on a broader basis.

The 2nd Degree Course has a minimum time requirement of one year and a day from the date of enrollment before completion. Students who submit homework at a rate which suggests course completion in less than this time frame may be assigned Special Projects to complete. Once assigned, Special Projects become a required part of the curriculum for the respective student and must be finished and submitted before advancing to the next lesson.

Lesson 1. Crystals and Gemstones

Lesson 2. Advanced Divination

Lesson 3. Candle Magick

Lesson 4. Healing

Lesson 5. Faery

Lesson 6. Herbal Magick

Lesson 7. Grounding & Centering

Lesson 8. Psychic Self-Defense

Lesson 9. Visualization

Lesson 10. Working With Different Deities

Lesson 11. Spells and How They Work

Lesson 12. Writing Spells

Lesson 13. Banishing, Exorcism, Personal Protection & Breaking Black Work

Lesson 14. Nature Spirit Magick

Lesson 15. Working With Faeries

Lesson 16. Charms, Talismans & Amulets

Lesson 17. Dream Magick & Prophetic Dreams

Lesson 18. Astral Projection

Lesson 19. Locating a Spirit Guide and Watchers

Lesson 20. Casting the Ritual Circle

Lesson 21. Developing Personal Confidence in Magickal Workings

Final Exam

The Third Degree program is extremely unique in that much of your work will be rigorous study, self-exploration, as well as working directly with others to expand your abilities as a spiritual leader. The goal in this program is to retain the ability to tailor your training to that which is unique to your own interests and skill sets all the while ensuring that you are provided with a solid foundation of knowledge and ability of which all Third Degree priests and priestesses should possess, regardless of tradition.  In this course you see lessons on Pathworking through an initiatory journey of inner, outer and elemental work.  Working with the Wheel of the Year is a vital part of our practice as Initiates, Witches and Wiccans and you will learn this through Sabbat Leadership. 

Spiritual Mentoring is a key ability that should reside in any Priest or Priestess’ tool box.  Explore deeply into Wiccan Spirituality, the Sacred Mysteries, Rights of Passage and more.  You will have several unique pathways that will lead you deeper into your coursework through adept specialization providing you with the opportunity to become specialized in the area of Teacher, Healer, Seer, Spell Weaver, Historian, or Spiritual Counselor.  Your journey does not end with a specialization but continues on, with the ability to study through all pathways on your journey toward Eldership in the Sacred Mists Tradition.  Lesson content and detailed descriptions are available only to Third Degree students.

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